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Two Ways To Get Started


Nothing can be more powerful than learning to hear from the creator yourself. A dream lab is a perfect place to start a discussion, learn techniques and see John Redenbo guide a collaborative effort of dream interpretation. You can gain important Intel in as little as one session. 


Do you a dream or set of dreams that are reoccurring over and over? We invite you to have a private session with John Redenbo or one of his highly trained dream interpreter students to get clear, gain wisdom, and use it towards your lasting success. 

Unpack Your Dreams

Learn how colors, shapes, feelings, imagery, people and more give you unique insights into to huge takeaways from each and every dream you have or someone you know. 

Decode Their Meaning

You will learn how to take the items that you unpack from your dreams and neatly, strategically organize them into a clear plan forward.  

Intelligent Steps Forward

Most of us awake from a dream of being excited, disturbed, and even fearful of a dream. Once you learn to unpack and decode a dream those fears and concerns will become a distant memory. Because you will now know exactly what steps to take and why. 

Learn From The World Leaders Before You 

Dreams Took People of Ordinary to Extraordinary


Thomas Jefferson and John Adam

write the Declaration of Independence


Albert Einstein

develop the theory of relativity


Thomas Edison

discovered electricity


There's Oil in them hills

Lead to the biggest oil discovery in history


Dr. Frederick Banting

discover insulin —and win a Nobel Prize


Biblical Joesph

From slavery and prison to the Principal Advisor to Pharoah


Stravinsky, Wagner and Beethoven

Composers write musical compositions, to entire canons


Otto Loewi

won a Nobel Prize for his contribution to medicine


Paul McCartney

write his multi-platinum song, Yesterday


Bob Dylan

compose music from his dreams


Bob Dylan

compose music from his dreams


Biblical Daniel

From exile and prisoner of War to the right hand of Kings.

Ready to Make Your Dreams Come to Life?

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How Much Could Not Knowing Cost You?

Traditional methods such as dream dictionaries, or surface-level interpretations don’t often work. Make no mistake, we don’t use hocus pocus practices or awkward approaches. We offer what you need most – a PROVEN, STRATEGIC PROCESS.
Every dream you have is meant for advancement and not destruction, you just need to know how to interpret them.
  • Avoid Dangerous Pitfalls
  • Avoid Unnecessary Risk
  • Take advantage of Key Opportunities
  • Learn to Hear From a Source Greater Than Yourself
  • Help your family overcome difficult challenges

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Discover Your Dreams Purpose – Learn A For Process Decoding – Apply What You Have Learned to Win

As an armed services Navy Veteran serving during the first gulf war, Author of “Blueprint – How To Fund Your Dreams & Change The World” and Speaker John Redenbo began to sharpen his specialized gift in dream interpretation. After serving as a first responder at Ground Zero during the World Trade attacks, it became clear that things like this could have been prevented. It became a major influence on how “Spiritual Intelligence” could be harnessed to help people all over the world. — John Redenbo

What You’re Likely Missing

When You Can Use Your Dreams For Your Benefit
We Call This . . .

Actionable Intelligence

In order to accomplish this, we use the ancient guidelines and models in the most read book of all time – the Bible.

Whether you believe in the Bible or not, it is IN FACT been proven to be very accurate in its historical account of events and time periods. As such, we use the biblically-based process that removes fears, provides clarity & meaning and helps you take confident steps forward.

Inside Information

DREAMS, the night visions that pass through our minds while we sleep often seem confusing, random, stressful and can even be scary! In extreme cases, terrifying dreams can be the source of great anxiety and even cause people not to want to fall asleep!

What you may not realize is just how powerful they can be for your good and not your demise. There is no such thing as a wasted dream or a dream you cannot gain actionable intelligence from. 

John Redenbo

Author – Speaker & Dream Interpreter for Nations Leaders

His specialized knowledge, gifting, techniques, and principles have allowed him to counsel everyone from Soccer Moms, A list actors, World Leaders, Influencers, Entrepreneurs, and CEO’s on great decisions at key moments in their life. John’s goal is to help you uncover valuable intelligence that can come from your dreams and he can teach you how to help others do the same.

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