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Step 1

Step 1

Understand What Drives You

Discovery the life you yearn for by stepping into the real authentic you. Don’t waste years trying to fit into a box you were made to break out of. 

Step 2

Step 2

Align Yourself With Partners

Hero’s needs, guides, and co-stars along the way. Learn the principles to identify who is for you and how to avoid the villains of your life.

Step 3

Step 3

Create a Plan That Helps You Win

Hero’s needs, guides, and co-stars along the way. Learn the principles to identify who is for you and how to avoid the villains of your life.

Ready to Make a Change?

How many days, weeks, months, and years will go by before are ready to take your life to the next level. We know that you want to live a life full of excitement, purpose, and confidence. The problem is that most of us feel stuck in our day to day without any way out. It seems like we are always taking one step forward, but three steps back. We end up giving up on our dreams and always wondering what could have been.

You Deserve To Be Clear, Focused, and On Track

You Don’t Have to End Where You Start

Our career suffers, we get bored with our jobs, our relationships suffer, the years just slip by without accomplishing anything. Don’t get to the end of your life and wonder what could have been. 

I Remember What it’s Like And That’s Why We Are

I was broke, homeless, alone, without any excitement for life. But I dug deep, put principles and frameworks in place to move me forward, and surrounded myself with others who helped me along the way. I was able to go from living in my car to being a successful business owner, who now gets to show others what took me almost 20 years to learn.

I refuse to stop until a millions of lives have been transformed and that includes yours. Please make no mistake guiding you to the life your dreams is my call, just as it was done for me.


Transform U Ignition is a 1-Day event that teaches you the same principles, frameworks, and mindsets needed to move yourself from stuck to unstoppable. It’s the lowest-priced Transform U Life Mastery solution event we offer, and it’s a perfect way to get your feet wet without a big price tag. You and your whole team can watch Stephen Scoggins and other industry experts share with you exactly what it takes to win in every area of your life.

This 1-Day Live Event Includes

  • The Transform U Peak Performance Assessment
  • Personal Daily Playbook
  • 4 Transformational, Fun, Interactive lessons 
  • Panel Discussions From Industry Experts
  • A clear vision and excitement for your future

Here is What Others Are Saying About This Event



  • When you are operating in your gift, truly, truly operating in your gift, it’s an awesome thing to live even the smallest portion of your true purpose and this team can help you finally get there.

    Les Long - Professional Comedian

  • I really thought I could build a meaningful life on my own, after all, I had two decades of experience. There are so many things I was missing to truly make that happen. It can be hard to have the humility to admit you need clarity and direction but once I did, I'm finally loving the life I am living.

    Trey Wilkins - Aspiring Entrepreneur

  • I can't say enough about how Transform U  has radically changed me. I was nervous about the cost at first, but now that I've been through the process, the benefits I've reaped have far outweighed any fear I had originally. There is just something special about learning from those that have already been there.

    Courtney Mitchell - Mom, Entrepreneur, Health Coach

  • There is no other example I can think of that does it so well with so much energy and so much passion and to do it better, help more, and reach those who feel lost than the Journey Principles Institute. Transform U simply works that's it from their resources to their conferences they always give me more than anyone else hands down!

    Lee Flach - Entrepreneur

Don’t Put Your Dreams On The Shelf

By getting started today you can begin to learn and master these foundational Life Mastery Principles that only Transform U Can provide. You can remove the frustration and anxiety from the everyday living of the status quo. You deserve to be happier, healthier, and in more control of creating a life that you can be proud of. Transform U Ignition gets you started on the 4 foundational lessons and segments recorded from previous Tranforsform U Live Events, along with access to our entire Life Mastery Guides.




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